Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and Captain Christina Corpus. Conflict of Interest, Includes Appearance.

By Michael G. Stogner

Simple Questions, Who else was involved? Did you recover the $232.084.51? Why did you think it was OK to Investigate this in the first place?

San Mateo County has three candidates for Sheriff in the next Election of 2022. I didn’t mention Mark D. Melville in the title because he fully understands the topic of Conflict of Interest.

I am confident the other two also understand the topic, the difference is they don’t care, they both chose to be involved in the Criminal Investigation of the San Mateo County Sheriff Activities League (SAL) Embezzlement & Money Laundering case.

Here is what we do know from Captain Jeffrey C, Kearnan, “per Gigi, SAL has Never been Audited.” That is a Bad Thing, and “We can not account for $232,084.51.”

We also know that the Sheriff’s Office knew from May 11, 2020 that more people were involved than just Barbara Bonilla.

From: Gigi Mangini

To Captain Christina Corpus and Captain Jeffrey C. Kearnan
Date: Mon, May 11, 2020 at 10:28 AM
Subject: Re: Target Gift Cards
Thanks Christina.
Now this is more than just BB ordering her staff around. This is mismanagement of cash – and now it is not just BB.

San Mateo County Residents should say Thank You to John Charles Ullom for all of his work on this.

JCU’s Work product, page 248 has the $232,084.51

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