Bolanos and Silberman vs. Dave Pine “Exceptional Circumstances.” No Draft for you.

By Michael G. Stogner

At the July 23, 2019 Board of Supervisor Meeting Item 3 “Follow up from Taser study session.”

You will see how the Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and his side kick David Silberman, took the Supervisors to school on how it’s done in San Mateo County. Supervisor Dave Pine was the only supervisor out of 5 that asked any meaningful questions about the obvious green light for killing citizens phrase, “EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES” that means this entire policy is meaningless and it was word crafted by Bolanos and Silberman.

Words are Important, the Draft, amended Draft, and Final Draft should have always been available for the Supervisors and the Public to view. Supervisor Dave Pine requested to see the Draft at least 3 times. None of the other Supervisors showed ANY interest, right there is San Mateo County’s Problem.

David Silberman “The David Silberman Show” 48:32 mark, He’s not kidding.

BOS MEETING July 23, 2019 Item 3 starts at 35:15 mark

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