Daly City Manager Shawanna Maltbie, should have been Fired by City Councilmembers April 7, 2021.

By Michael G. Stogner

Daly City Manager Shawanna Maltbie

It would have taken only 3 Daly City Councimembers to Fire her after the Roger Allen Homicide by her Police Department on April 7, 2021. The City of Foster City just demonstrated on August 25, 2021 that they don’t even need a reason to fire the City Manager, Either does the City of Daly City. What this means is that all 5 Councilmembers Support Shawanna Maltbie completely. The Official Position from the Daly City Government was Silence and Lies, Claiming 4 DC Police Officers arrived and surrounded a disabled vehicle for the sole purpose “We are here to help” Roger Allen a Black Man was dead a few minutes later.

Public Comments should always be at the beginning of a Public Meeting, Everybody knows that. There is only one reason to have it be at the end, that is to show the public who’s boss, Not Them.

E-mail sent to the Government today:

Good morning All,

My Associate, The Public has asked me to compose this email. He would like to have ALL of You understand from Our point of view the situation that has transpired in Daly City.
The death of Mr. Allen was brought to The Public’s attention months ago. It has been extremely heartbreaking for All in the Community as the DCPD initiated contact with Mr. Allen, The attached letter will better explain our viewpoint on this. However painful and disturbing it is, I believe We all should review the timeline.
1, In December 2020, an Auditor did a First Amendment audit that failed due to four Daly City Police Officers (including a Sargent) not knowing the Law. The demeanor of Officer Perez, Star 27, speaks volumes of the lack of training the Daly City Police Department mandates. There is no way any member of the Community should encounter this behavior and lack of knowledge, leadership and listening skills of Sargent Hussein. These Officers need to be discharged immediately. We know that the Auditor gave an fair review as the Auditor commended the Officer and wished him a Merry Christmas at the counter. This Officer was the one who furnished with the complaint forms.
2. On April 7, 2021, Mr. Roger Allen was shot and killed by the Daly City Police Department. Again, if the Daly City Police did not initiate contact with Mr. Allen, he would be alive today.
3. The April 12, 2021 Council Meeting young adults shared their sadness and outrage. Absolutely heart wrenching for us to hear, as some of us have children their age.
4. Many email correspondences sent to Daly City Council and the Daly City Manager have gone unanswered. These questions posed are questions from The Community and The Public which City Officials need to address.
5. The September 13th, 2021, Council Meeting scheduled to commence at 6:45 pm. It began a half hour late at 7:15 pm.
6. At the September 13th 2021, the Mayor and Vice Mayor accused Council Member, DiGiovanni of racism. Council Member DiGiovanni was highly offended and from what We witnessed began crying. If Council Member DiGiovanni had not taken offense to what she considered an racist insult because the color of her skin, We not bring this matter up.
7. At the September 13th, 2021, Council Member Sylvester, mentioned that he does not want to hear someone(s) bring up a white woman’s skin color as well as other comments.
8. At the September 13th, 2021 The Public spoke up about this unacceptable, racist behavior.
9. At the September 13th, 2021, an issue arose about a possible Conflict of Interest with the Mayors name appearing on a fundraiser or other event. A complaint will be or has been filed with Agency that oversees such matters.
10. At the September 13th, 2021, The Public demanded the resignation of ALL Daly City Officials.
11. In September 2021, a Community Member visited City Hall in Daly City to communicate with City Officials. The doors to the departments were closed and locked. Subsequent email correspondence has been sent to Daly City Officials to communicate and no response has been received back.
12, The calendar invitation that the Community and Public received for the September 27th, 2021, states the Meeting was to commence at 6:45 pm. The Meeting began at 7:02 pm. Once more late and wasting The Public and Community’s time.
13. At the September 27th, 2021 Council Meeting, Council Member Sylvester mentioned a Comment made by The Public at the previous September 13th, 2021 Council Meeting. Council Member Sylvester mentioned the comment was made in anonymity. The Supreme Court has ruled that a Member of The Public can do so. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution allows The Public to do so. This clearly shows a lack of the Law by Council Member Sylvester. The U.S. Constitution allows many rights of The People not to identify themselves even with Peace Officers. This is why one of the reasons the Daly City Police Department are in a state of crisis.
14, The Daly City Police Chief(s) both acting and non acting (Officers Gamez and Hensley) have received email requests to meet with the Community and The Public. No response has received as if yet.
Having worked in the private sector, these behaviors and lack of responses would not be tolerated.Immediate terminations would be swift. Changes must be made for the happiness, safety, security and Greater Good of The Daly City Community. (see attached document).

On a personal note, no one should ever live in fear. We are appealing to ALL of you to make the right choices and changes.
Please let us know when any Daly City Official(s) can meet regarding a transition to make the changes. 
The Public and Community

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