San Mateo County could use Jon Froomin as Supervisor.

By Michael G. Stogner

Jon Froomin

I have no idea if the thought has ever crossed his mind, but in my opinion he has just shown the voters of Foster City for the second time, why he is the right guy for elected office, Any Elected Office including Supervisor of District Two, which is available in 9 months and so far nobody except Jon Froomin, has demonstrated that the Oath of Office, or that Integrity is Important in San Mateo County Politics.

Also Supervisor Dave Pine could use the support he deserves. At this moment there is not one of the current Candidates for Supervisor of District Three, that has the qualities Jon Froomin has so effortlessly demonstrated. I’ve always said you could elect a Good Human with NO POLITICAL Experience and be better off at the County Level.

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