Great News Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos Denies it and Supervisor President David Canepa says he believes Him. Wow

By Michael G. Stogner

First off lets start with San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos is a LIAR. Everybody and their mother knows that. How many Lies does it take to prove that? San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Mark Melville as Candidate for Sheriff in 2018 told Jon Mays of the SMDJ “Carlos G. Bolanos is a LIAR. It would have been nice if the SMDJ had printed that information, they chose not too. Yesterday I wrote about Carlos G. Bolanos’s name and e-mail address being on the Oath Keepers data base and I credited the source at Investigative Reporter Ali Winston. Somehow my article got deleted just minutes after I published it.

This morning the San Mateo Daily Journal has a Front page story about San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa trusting the word of a LIAR, What planet is he living on. Here is the article from SMDJ.


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Booster shot clinic set for San Mateo County Event Center

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San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos denies he is a part of Oath Keepers

Bolanos rebuffs affiliation with far-right extremist group after leaked data shows connection 

  • By Sierra Lopez Daily Journal staff
  • 1 hr ago
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Carlos Bolanos

San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos denied any affiliation with a far-right militia group linked to the Jan. 6 insurrection of the U.S. Capitol after reports surfaced online that his government email was linked to leaked data collected from the organization. 

“I’m pretty sure they’re not interested in having someone with my political views associated with their organization,” Bolanos said. “It’s laughable.” 

Bolanos was appointed to his role as county sheriff in 2016 after more than 30 years experience as a law enforcement officer. In 2018, he was reelected to the role and is currently running to defend his seat. 

Allegations that Bolanos was affiliated with the Oath Keepers, a right-wing militia group with connections across the nation, were first made online. 

Publicly available portions of the hacked data, published and being stored by the anti-secrecy organization Distribution Denial of Secrets, do include Bolanos’ email address within what appear to be failed outreach chains. 

It’s unclear whether members exposed in the leak are currently active and if not, when their memberships were terminated. Sensitive materials have also been kept from the public and are only available to researchers and journalists including passwords, decryption keys and financial information. Distribution Denial of Secrets did not respond to requests for access.

Bolanos denied ever registering as a member of the organization. He instead suggested someone else did so as a joke. He recalled receiving an email from the organization a few months ago but said he paid no attention to it, never verified as a member and deleted it. 

Before then, he said his only knowledge of the Oath Keepers was of some of the organization’s members taking part in storming the Capitol as Congress was certifying the election of President Joe Biden on Jan. 6, an event he joked he wasn’t in attendance.

While unsure of who would have allegedly registered him as a member using his government email, he pointed to the election as a possible explanation as to why his information could be linked to the site. 

“I don’t know why somebody would think that’s funny but it is political season,” Bolanos said. “It’s ridiculous that somebody can sign people up for whatever and other people will take that seriously.”

David Canepa, president of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, said he spoke directly with Bolanos after learning of the alleged connection and was assured by the sheriff that the claims were false. 

“I’ve known the sheriff to be truthful and I’m going to be taking him at his word,” Canepa said. “The sheriff told me he had nothing to do with it and for me that was good enough.” 

If further connections between Bolanos and the Oath Keepers were to surface, Canepa said he’d be greatly concerned but doubled down on his support for the sheriff and belief in his denial. 

“We’re talking about the association with a right wing group that espouses hate and that for me is a big problem,” Canepa said. “What the Oath Keepers stand for is totally against the values of San Mateo County and I feel confident that the sheriff has no affiliation with them.” End of SMDJ article.

At least this demonstrates one thing, David Canepa can and does communicate with Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos when he feels like it.

Supervisor President David Canepa, Ask Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos why he authorized Retired Sheriff Deputy Jeffery C. Kearnan, and San Mateo County Sheriff Captain Christina Corpus a Board member of Sheriff Activities League (SAL) to Investigate the SAL for Embezzlement & Money Laundering? You didn’t think that was a little off? The Sheriff’s Office controlling the Investigation of Itself?

Or ask did any of San Mateo County Sheriff Employees attend the January 6, 2021 Storming of the Capital?

Or ask how many of 800 Sheriff Employees are Vaccinated? The Sheriff refuses to answer.

Lets go back to the very beginning when Carlos G. Bolanos first joined the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, it was January 2007. Less than 4 months later on April 21, 2007, 9:30 PM 3474 Eldon Street, Las Vegas Nevada, UnderSheriff Carlos G. Bolanos was Caught and Detained INSIDE the residence by the FBI and Las Vegas Nevada Police Department. Everybody and their mother knows that, how do we know that LVMPD Spokesperson Bill Cassell told the world that. His Officers came into contact with Sheriff Greg Munks and UnderSheriff Carlos G. Bolanos INSIDE the residence.

So how many Elected Officials and San Mateo County Newspapers have reported a different story to the Residents of San Mateo County all this time. It started with a Press Conference by Sheriff Greg Munks, who admitted the obvious that he was inside, but then came the LIE, Carlos G. Bolanos was outside. No he wasn’t he was INSIDE.

As recently as the 2018 Election, Supervisor Don Horsley, teamed up with Jon Mays of the San Mateo Daily Journal in promoting the completely false story of Carlos Bolanos being outside, They even took it one step further and claimed “He was outside the ENTIRE time.” Jon Mays said “a later report” I asked he to provide that “Later Report” he has not provided it or the name of the author of that report.

The simple fact is San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos is a LIAR, and He is not the only one.

Palo Alto Online April 24, 2007 Article Both Inside.

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