Dave Price should explain this to SMC Residents.

Michael G. Stogner

Dave Price Palo Alto Daily Post

In 2018 he made this false statement: “And nobody has been able to prove that Bolanos did anything more than stand outside that brothel while Munks went inside.” Bill Cassell proved it.

Everybody and their mother knows that San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos was INSIDE the single family residence located at 3474 Eldon Street, Las Vegas Nevada, on April 21, 2007 in an FBI Sting Operation called Operation Dollhouse. The house was full of Sex Slaves including a Minor, also in the house was $25,000 cash and 3,500 Ecstasy tablets.

LVMPD Spokesperson Bill Cassell said “his officers came into contact with both Munks and Bolanos INSIDE one of the residences.”

Palo Alto Online Article April 24, 2007

Elections are expensive in San Mateo County, this is why, How are the residents supposed to be informed when there is so much misinformation being publsihed.

In 2018 Candidate Mark D. Melville told every Editor including Dave Price, that his boss Carlos G. Bolanos is a LIAR, not one Newspaper passed that information on to their readers, Why?

Mark D. Melville has always said he will be on the ballot in this next election of 2022

The Residents of San Mateo County can reach him by phone:650-730-3187

He is not looking for Endorsements from the “Those Who Matter” elected officials or the Print Media.

Just imagine if the 7 print media editors had simply informed the 750,000 residents of that one simple statement ” My boss Carlos G. Bolanos is a LIAR.” Mark Melville most likely would be San Mateo County’s Sheriff already.

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