Same Questions 4 years later for Candidate Carlos G. Bolanos.

By Michael G. Stogner

If San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks, and UnderSheriff Carlos G. Bolanos would lie about this you can bet they would lie about anything. It’s been 14 years, they are not the only ones lying about it.

Since Carlos G. Bolanos Candidate for Re-Election of Sheriff 2022 refused to answer any of these questions four years ago they still apply today.

Click on links below:

2018 Questions for Carlos G. Bolanos

San Mateo County Government’s Big Lie

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One response to “Same Questions 4 years later for Candidate Carlos G. Bolanos.

  1. B. Crawford

    Well, I see things have not changed at the SO. From graft payments to Sheriff and DA to modern day sexual pandering with NO regard for professionalism or proper investigative techniques. What a cluster fuck! And you wonder why there are street killings like Mr. Floyd…….whatever the management style is, it is permeated through the agency. Not all the criminals are in the lock up. Some wear uniforms.

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