Who is responsible for this Mess. That’s Simple, the Supervisors of San Mateo County.

By Michael G. Stogner

That’s why they are called Supervisors, They are supposed to Supervise, Why didn’t they? Jerry Hill, Rose Jacobs Gibson, Mark Church, Adrienne J. Tissier, and Richard S. Gordon. They took an Oath and violated it. It’s Never too late for an Investigation, their has Never been one. Did anybody ever ask for one? Yes I did, and so did Congresswomen Jackie Speier and Ana Eshoo.

LVMPD Spokesman Bill Cassell said officers did come into contact with both Munks and Bolanos inside one of the residences at the brothel.

“I’ll let your Sheriff and UnderSheriff answer to questions about how they were found IN one of our city’s brothels.” LVMPD Vice Lt. Karen Hughes

At 9:30 PM Munks and Bolanos were standing in a lineup outside

The Las Vegas Metro Police quickly confirmed that Munks and Bolanos were detained.

The Investigation could start with the 54 San Mateo County Employees and Jerry Hill who are all in Las Vegas that weekend. E-mails, phone records for all communications from April 21, 2007 9:15 PM to April 25, 2007 11:00PM should do it.

One question I have always had, and now that Carlos G. Bolanos is a candidate for Re-Election of Sheriff, this is as good a time to ask. Was Jeffrey C. Kearnan and Tom Gallagher with you in the Limo and were they standing outside the residence at 3474 Eldon Street while you and Sheriff Munks were inside?

Sheriff Munks in his Press Conference with no questions allowed, said both of you did not intend to pay for Sex. Can you please explain what he meant by that statement? Did you expect the sex to be Free because you two were San Mateo County’s Top Two Law Enforcement Officers? Or were the two of you there for a Drug Deal aka a Drop of 3,500 ecstasy tablets in exchange for the $25,000 found in the house. Is it possible that your agency came across 3,500 E tablets in SMC and never made it to the Evidence Locker and there was no record of that drug bust? Wouldn’t 3,500 E tablets be as good as Cash to the right buyer?

What San Mateo County Residents do know is that as of April 21, 2007, Nothing that Sheriff Greg Munks or UnderSheriff Carlos G. Bolanos say can be trusted. Every single Criminal Case and Homicide by Sheriff’s Office Employees should be reviewed. You can thank the 5 elected Supervisors of 2007 for this mess.

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One response to “Who is responsible for this Mess. That’s Simple, the Supervisors of San Mateo County.

  1. The reason I had told the Salvation Army we needed to take women who could be sex trafficking victims there instead of Metro to ask them for statements, was that they needed to be on “neutral ground”. I said that knowing about Chris Butler for example in CA who was getting other sheriffs to take drugs out of evidence lockers, and then resell them through his various massage parlors, escort services, etc. This was using the limo service owned by Charles Horky, also later convicted of sex trafficking as was Chris Butler. I can’t buy these guys though that house was a massage parlor, when you see how many parlors that are huge storefronts one passes from the airport to where that house was located. All of the cabs and limos owned by Charles had GPS in them as well as a camera operating full time so the drivers could not deviate from their scheduled stops. I know this because I USED to have a relationship with drivers where they would take a woman in trouble to my house for help. Once Charles took over, all of the drivers were told if they deviated “For any reason” from their scheduled trips, like taking one to my house, they would be fired. You bring up a good point Michael – was all those drugs recorded somewhere as evidence? Did anyone noticed who owned this limo they were in? Because Metro gave $375,000 to the Salvation Army to “restructure” the trafficking program to one where THEY were the ones to make the referrals to the SA as to who was a victim, and who to help, they didn’t have one case to work on all year despite the fact my hotline received over 311 phone calls that year from women begging for help. Operation Dollhouse was where I had been asked by the State Dept. to PROVE the need for these women to be taken to neutral ground to be questioned, as well as why I said if they wanted me to lead a trafficking program, then I needed to know I had a chief of police, a prosecutor, and a judge behind me willing to prosecute men with badges, or I would not take the job of heading up a task force for show only. If I took the job, then I would want to do what the tax payers paid for – which is to fight sex trafficking. Since Operation Dollhouse, with the police in charge of these victims, we’ve now seen the Mally Mall and Chris Baughman fiasco, as well as the Celeste Guap case. I can go on – how many more cases do we have to bring to the news to show the need to SEPARATE these issues away from the police? I can argue that both Munks and Bolanos “knew nothing” about this, and were innocent bystanders. I certainly have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and very misunderstood myself. What I fault is that these two men KNEW there were 24 victims in that house being trafficked AND THEY DID NOTHING. Doing nothing allowed Joohon David Lee, who was with ICE and Homeland Security, who also did not detain those same women for the mandatory 72 hours so they could be questioned to see if they were trafficked – to continue to target innocent people while HE was flying victims into this country from China on taxpayers money and time. WHEN are we going to talk about removing government immunity from men who are trafficking women? WHEN are we going to stop letting men traffic, exploit and use women while immune from prosecution by virtue of a badge WHO CLEARLY DO NOT CARE about these women – not be audited by a third neutral party? We talk about how ugly it is that Hollywood would feed victims to predators like Harvey Weinstein – yet we’re not talking about how many women are being fed to predators who wear badges AND paying them for it with grant money that I personally spent 13 years of my life trying to get set aside to HELP these victims. It’s not funny anymore. Not when these same men are put in a position where they can issue a sealed warrant on some made up excuse to seize my emails illegally when I’m speaking to an attorney on behalf of one of these victims, scaring that attorney off defending me and her in the process. In fact, I’ve now hired FOUR attorneys who magically got scared and dropped defending me once they called San Mateo. How long are we going to be chickens guarded by foxes before we get help?

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