Daly City resident David Khan in Court Today. To Listen call 206-279-9589 Code 599028 @ 8:30 AM

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: 21-NF-002249-A Next court date is October 28, 2021 8:30 AM David Khan is representing himself, and he has a legal advisor named Mr. Goodman.

All San Mateo County Residents should know about David Khan. This is what happens to a man/woman who stand up for their rights.

Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltbie

Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltibie, and the 5 city Council Members are responsible for the Police Departments behavior in this case. Have they bothered to ask the Police Chief Patrick Hensley if his guys/gals did take the cash? If yes, why haven’t they returned it to him?

David Khan has been in the Maguire Jail in Redwood City for Many months, He has claimed that the Daly City Police Department took $80,000 in cash plus gold and a list of other items from his personal residence. He is resisting being represented by San Mateo County’s Private Defender Program Attorney, aka “Private Pretender Program” they specialize in plea deals where the defendant pleads guilty. David Khan is not interested in that service, He wants his personal property back, that way he can hire his own attorney.

San Mateo County News.com David Khan article

I have said for years that all Courts in San Mateo County should be closed until the State of California or the Federal Government can assure the ordinary citizens can get a Fair Trial. That does not currently exist today nor has is for the last 20 years that I am aware of. Not one of the 5 Supervisors for the last 20 years has been interested in this subject.

Look no further than the People of the State of California vs. Juan Pablo Lopez case number NF433910A

Former San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez made the mistake of running for Sheriff of San Mateo County in 2014 as a write-in candidate.


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2 responses to “Daly City resident David Khan in Court Today. To Listen call 206-279-9589 Code 599028 @ 8:30 AM

  1. Sharon Payne

    Why did they take his cash and personal property? This isn’t a drug bust!
    #Shame on you guys!
    #Return his stuff $$$$

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