San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Joseph Scott has hired an Attorney.

Michael G. Stogner

Hon. Judge Joseph Scott

I’ve said it for 20 years now, and so have many other San Mateo County Residents. The Courts and I mean all of them should be CLOSED until the Government can assure the public of getting a Fair Trial. That does not exist today in San Mateo County.

People vs. Juan Pablo Case NF433910A July 27, 2021 Hearing Date.

The Honorable Judge Joseph Scott should have simply recused himself after he was overheard on the phone service that allows spectators to listen in to the proceedings was left on. I personally can confirm the phone service was left on after the proceedings.

Hon. Judge Joseph Scott to his Clerk, “Well, he got lucky and got away with the first one, but we will see about this one.”

Any reasonable person would know that is a Bad thing for the Judge hearing your case to say, It would be bad enough if he even thought that. but to say it out loud to other people in the Court room while the phone line was still live.

Had Judge Joseph Scott just recused himself when he got caught, nobody would have been the wiser. Judge Scott instead hired Attorney Sarah Overton CSB#163810 at Cummings, McClorey, Davis, Acho & Associates, 3801 University Avenue, suite 560, Riverside California.

4) I strenuously deny the claims made by defendant/defendant’s counsel Maria Belyi. I did not make any of the statements alleged by defendant/defendant’s counsel in the statement of disqualification. I was not in the Courtroom when those statements were purportedly made. As previously stated after the July 27, 2021 hearing ended, I immediately left the courtroom. I have never made the statements attributed to me in the statement of disqualification. I would never make such statements. Further after receiving the statement of disqualification, I inquired of the courtroom staff whether any of the alleged statements had been made after the July 27, 2021 hearing in the case. Courtroom staff making those statements.

Judge Scott Declared under the penalty of Perjury the above statement signed it August 20, 2021

Attorney J. Tony Serra SBN 32639 Declaration of Counsel

I realize that Judge Scott now knows that I know he has PERJURED HIMSELF, by not admitting to uttering the statement as alleged in Mr. Lopez motion for disqualification for cause.

Signed September 1, 2021

The Court Clerk and the Court Reporter joined Judge Scott in perjuring themselves, Why? You will have to ask them.

I think until this gets settled they should be on Administrative leave.

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