Sheriff Bolanos, Supervisors Canepa & Horsley, Names of 2 Drunk Sheriff Deputies, at Saddle Room Bar.

By Michael G. Stogner,

Update: May 20, 2022 Here are the names SMCSO Deputies Zachary Felise, and Nicholas Maier.

I know how much Honesty, Transparency and the Oath of Office mean to the three of you. It’s been almost a full month since the two off duty San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies have been placed on administrative from that incident, a fight with a civilian.

I’ve searched the Sheriff’s Press releases all month and Nothing has been acknowledged. Once again that doesn’t give the 760,000 residents confidence that Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos is being honest, and it sure looks like you two SUPERVISORS are in full agreement with this behavior.

Nobody is above the Law except “THOSE WHO MATTER.”

You can simply respond in the comment section of this article.

What are their names?


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3 responses to “Sheriff Bolanos, Supervisors Canepa & Horsley, Names of 2 Drunk Sheriff Deputies, at Saddle Room Bar.

  1. Eric

    Both D.Ho and D.Can are on the Board of Directors for the Housing Authority where they claim to have NO KNOWLEDGE of illegal activities involving Glenn Davis Wong a known criminal to run rampant through the county as a Landlord extorting county public assistance clients (the poor, broke and homeless) victimizing them and their families exploiting their children for personal financial gain in the form of Federal Subsidies administered through San Mateo County Housing Authority. In essence, they have Criminals on the Payroll. It’s horribly sad that a former TopCop would condone such behavior.

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