Tony Serra, “Judge Joseph Scott has Perjured Himself”

I’ve been reporting on Corruption and Organized Crime in San Mateo County for 20 years, for the last 7 years I have said the Former San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan Pablo Lopez Criminal Case number NF433910A is the most exciting case I have ever seen. It started with corruption and here we are 7 years later more corruption. Now we have a Judge, a Court Clerk, and a Court Reporter conspiring to commit Perjury, and then DID commit Perjury.

You might ask, Who is responsible to make sure that San Mateo County Courts, are honest and function with a level playing field for all parties? I can tell you who knows about this and has NO INTEREST in Eliminating the Corruption, The Supervisors, County Manager, County Counsel, Elected Officials, and almost every single Candidate for the 2022 election.

Think about how many people in San Mateo County Government have known about Attorney Tony Serra’s Declaration signed September 1, 2021. Think about how many of San Mateo County’s Newspapers have written an article about a San Mateo County Judge committing Perjury, to cause harm to a former San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy.

Wake up San Mateo County Residents, this is on you. Watch to see if any of the three are criminally charged with perjury.

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