San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office new hire is a Secret. Tony Psaila is a quick study, he Hosted a Fund Raiser for Bolanos.

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Tony Psaila

Belmont’s recently Promoted to Chief, which gets a pay bump then retired within 2 years, Police Chief Anthony Psaila is now employed by Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos. The only public announcement I could locate was a Facebook page welcoming Deputy Anthony Psaila. That page was not available for the Public to see. I couldn’t find a swearing in announcement or a photo in SMC Sheriff’s Office uniform. Why?

Most residents and all elected officials of San Mateo County know and understand that Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos is dishonest.

He has been from the day he was sworn in as a Sheriff Office At Will employee, in Janurary 2007. He went on a Misinfornation Campaign starting the evening of April 21, 2007, to cover up a Drug Deal gone wrong or sex with Sex Slaves including a Minor in Operation Dollhouse, Las Vegas Nevada. Either way he should have been fired in April 2007.

Everybody and their mother knows about Carlos G. Bolanos and others covering up the Pornography and Violent Rape Video being shared by 45 top male San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Employees. How many of those photos included Child Porn? What did San Mateo County Government Officials do about this report I provided to them?

You can always judge a person by who they associate with. What was Tony Psaila thinking to Host a fundraiser for his NEW BOSS at the DSA Building in Redwood City.

In this complaint on page 9 you will see a paragraph about President D. J. Wozniak of the Deputy Sheriff Association DSA another outstanding hire, who was receiving the Porn and Violent Rape Videos.

Every Candidate for an Elected Office especially Sheriff and the Board of Supervisors should state their position on this topic.

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