SMCDA Psychic Inspector Jordan Boyd Produces Court Phone Records for Judge Joseph Scott’s Courtroom.

By Michael G. Stogner

Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez (retired)

Seven years and San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez (retired) has not been convicted of one single crime. Think about that.

The reason I call him a Psychic Inspector is the 7 year Political Prosecution Criminal Case against San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan Pablo Lopez. I’ve reported that Inspector Boyd was waiting in his office for Deputy Lopez to be escorted to him to be interviewed, he asked Sheriff Deputy Lopez for his California Drivers License, Deputy Lopez took it out of his wallet and handed to D.A. Inspector Jordan Boyd. Boyd simply looked at it and informed Deputy Lopez that it was Suspended by a court in Los Angeles.

DMV Computers Hacked Article

How would he know that? What business is it of the San Mateo County District Attorneys Office to handle DMV issues.

Why is the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office and the Lead Investigator in the SEVEN Year Political Prosecution case of Juan Pablo Lopez getting the phone records for the Courtroom for July 27, 2021. More importantly How, what legal method was used, Did Jordon Boyd get a Subpoena, did he file a declaration under the penalty of perjury with a Judge for those records?

Remember on August 10, 2021 Sheriff Deputy Juan Lopez (retired) thru his Attorney Tony Serra, Respectfully requested Hon. Judge Joseph Scott to Recuse himself from this case number NF433910A, The reason was simple, the Hon. Judge Joseph Scott was heard on the public access phone line to the Court saying” “Well, he got lucky and got away with the first one, but we will see about this one.”This statement was made to his Court Clerk Katrina Bihl after the Court Hearing had ended and Sheriff Deputy Lopez (retired) and his attorney had left the Court Room.

Tony Serra “Judge Joseph Scott Perjured Himself”

Judge Joseph Scott hires an Attorney

San Mateo County Superior Court Clerk Katrina Bihl filed a false instrument with the court under the penalty of Perjury that she had muted the phone line right after the hearing was complete, as she always does, and denied Judge Scott’s statement “Well, he got lucky and got away with the first one, but we will see about this one.” was ever spoken in the courtroom. San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office Psychic Inspector Jordon Boyd who is also a Cell Phone Expert got the phone records to prove that the statement made by Judge Scott “Well, he got lucky and got away with the first one, but we will see about this one.” could never have been heard because the phone line would have been hung up as soon as the court hearing was completed. That is not what the phone records show, They show the top line is the Host which is Katrina Bihl opens the phone line at 9:14:03 AM and Disconnects the line at 10:43:64. The Hearing was at 9:30 AM for about 5 minutes.

Inspector Jordon Boyd knows the phone number for San Mateo County is 831-210-8994. You can see I was on the public access call on line 5 & 7.

Inspector Jordan Boyd and Prosecutor Kimberly Perrotti never called me to find out what I heard Court Clerk Katrina Bihl say to the Bailiff about Simone Biles an Olympic Champion. A reasonable person would think the lead Investigator would like to speak to everyone who was on that call, after 9:35 AM not the case here.

San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan Pablo Lopez (retired) next court date was set for November 15, 2021 has been continued to December 13, 2021 at 9:30 AM

Remember he was Charged with smuggling a cellphone and drugs to a Hells Angel Inmate at Maguire Jail. What ever happened to those charges?

Welcome to San Mateo County

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