DSA President D.J. Wozniak Porn and Violent Rape Video, no big deal.

By Michael G. Stogner

David “D.J.” Wozniak
Currently President of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Had previously been investigated for rape by either the Menlo Park or San Carlos Police Department in an incident in which he had used an unmarked sheriff’s car to drive a drunken couple to his apartment from a bar and then have sex with both. Sheriff Munks assigned Wozniak to the Office of Emergency Services, a coveted plain clothes assignment where he again has a county vehicle at his disposal. Wozniak has been receiving pornography and pornography links by way of e-mail on the County e-mail system. Page 9 of report below.

Note: I remember when this information first started to surface, the British Bankers Club at the corner of El Camino Real and Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park. What are the odds of him finding a couple that were too impaired to drive, was it more than alcohol?

Than to have both the male and female accuse him of Rape.

The Five San Mateo County Supervisors, were fine with this behavior. It’s not to late to Investigate.

Did anybody from San Mateo County Government make sure none of those photos were Child Porn. San Mateo County Probation Chief spent time in prison for Child Porn.

Notice former DSA President Heinz Puschendorf and retired SMCSO Deputy Juan Pablo Lopez were not on the e-mail list.

This is one of the main reasons I have not supported Children being involved with the Sheriff Activities League (SAL).

2014 at the Mid Peninsula Housing property Moonridge Meeting A Hispanic Female asked SMC Government Officials about Porn.

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