Sarah Gatliff, Don’t Settle, Go all the way to a Jury Trial. It’s the only way to cause change in San Mateo County.

Sarah Gatliff the daughter of Sandra Lee Harmon R.I.P. who was killed by San Mateo County Sheriff’s Employees on May 5, 2020 at 845 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California.

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos Candidate

San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos who is a Candidate for Re-Election refuses to provide the AXON LOG RECORDS which are bought and paid for by the Public to the Public. To this day Sheriff Bolanos has refused to tell the Public Who Fired First, and Who moved the Three Shell Casings? A reasonable person would call that Evidence Tampering.

Sarah Gatliff’s Second Amended Complaint Filed November 15, 2021

Half Moon Bay Resident David Eblovi Suing San Mateo County to get to the Truth.

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