It started with two letters, “UN”

By Michael G. Stogner

Michael G. Stogner Private Victim’s Advocate

For the last 20 years I have been a Private Victim’s Advocate in San Mateo County, California, with the simple goal of Eliminating Corruption in the Courts. Over the years I have learned it is not just the Courts but the entire Government Structure.

The Five Supervisors of San Mateo County are the problem in my opinion. They refuse to Supervise, It’s that simple.

Back to those two letters “UN” It came to my attention that a very popular San Carlos Attorney prepared an Order after Hearing of a Family Law Matter which happens all the time. One of the two parties prepares this document which reflects what occurred in court and it becomes the Order after the Judge signs it. Normally it is provided to the other party before it is filed with the Court to verify this is an accurate description of what was Ordered by the Judge. That did not happen in this case, and the very popular Attorney omitted those two letters “UN” from the order.

This seems like no big deal right? A reasonable person would think this would be an easy fix once the Attorney and the Judge are notified that “UN” was removed from the Order. The Court Transcripts verified the order was for Unsupervised Visits. That is not the case in San Mateo County.

The order that was supposed to be for UNSUPERVISED Visits, became an order for SUPERVISED VISITS.

That is a BIG difference, and it was done deliberately.

That is why I do what I do today.

Has anything changed in the San Mateo County Courts in the last 20 years? No not really.

It’s pretty exciting when a Superior Court Judge, the Court Clerk and the Court Reporter, conspire to commit a crime and then file a False Instrument with the court. None of the Seven Print advertising Businesses have thought this information might be valuable to the 760,000 San Mateo County Residents.

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