San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Heintz Puschendorf, is exploring a run for Sheriff 2022.

By Michael G. Stogner

The more choices the Voters of San Mateo County have the better. This time Heintz has plenty of time to get his name on the Ballot if he chooses too. I remember standing next to him in a Church on Woodside Road, Redwwod City at a Candidate Forum.

San Mateo Sheriff Candidate Forum, Wednesday April 25, 2018 at 7:00 pm

United Methodist Church,
2000 Woodside Road
Redwood City

Bolanos v. Melville

Heintz Puschendorf blurted out “That does it, I’m in” He was so disturbed with the Softball Questions being asked of then Illegally Appointed Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos that he made up him mind to Run as a Write In Candidate. Think about that for a moment, a Write in Candidate at the last minute, and the Voters MUST SPELL YOUR NAME CORRECTLY. It’s not like his name was Smith or Jones, it was Heintz Pushendorf, well 100 Voters spelled both names correctly in the 2018 Election.

For those Residents and Voters of San Mateo County let me remind you that Heintz Puschendorf was the President of the (DSA) Deputy Sheriff Association the night of April 21, 2007. He was working in San Mateo County that night. He was not in Las Vegas.

San Mateo County Supervisor Jerry Hill, Sheriff Greg Munks and Under Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, Jeffrey C. Kearnan and Thomas Gallager were in Las Vegas Nevada that night, with about 54 other San Mateo County Employees.

Sheriff Greg Munks and Under Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos were Caught and Detained for being inside the single family residence located at 3474 Eldon Street, Las Vegas, Nevada at 9:30 PM, That fact is Indisputable.

The Questions that have Never been asked by any San Mateo County Elected Official especially the Five Supervisors of San Mateo County are 1) What made you go inside that foul smelling residence? 2)What are the names of the other two San Mateo County Sheriff Employees that stood watch while you both were Inside. 3) Were you protecting Sheriff Greg Munks during a Drug Deal of 3,500 Ecstasy Tablets in exchange for $25,000 cash, both of which were found inside the house by the FBI. 4) Or was Sheriff Greg Munks protecting you? 5) Sheriff Munks said neither of you intended to Pay of Sex, What was your intention? 6) Carlos G. Bolanos did you ever order Heintz Puschendorf to never mention Operation Dollhouse or face consequences? 7) Did you order Heintz Puschendorf to pass on that threat to the 400 DSA members?

From the Brave and Proud San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy who contacted me for help in early 2010. Page 3 “Both stated that the Under Sheriff Bolanos never entered the brothel,” We now know that to be false. She is talking about the entire San Mateo County Sheriff Office Knowing.

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