Judge Leland Davis III, Court Excetuive Officer Neil Taniguchi, might want to get on same page with Sheriff Bolanos.

By Michael G. Stogner

Judge Davis III and Neil Taniguchi came up with the bright idea to cancel the Public Telephone access to the Courts in the middle of a raging Pandemic.

Public Access Policy
Updated 11/22/21 – The listen-only public access lines are no longer in effect; proceedings are open to the public to attend in person.

At this time, members of the public may attend a court proceeding in person.

At the very same time the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office issued this a few hours ago. This Jail is connected to the Courthouse that the public is invited to attend in PERSON.


Incident Date and Time: 01/06/2022
Location: San Mateo County Correctional Facilities Type of Crime/Incident: Covid 19/Omicron Update


The following procedures have been implemented by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and San Mateo County Correctional Health Services at our correctional facilities to protect our employees and incarcerated people from Covid-19/Omicron.

o All in-person visiting is canceled until further notice. Exception: Attorney visits and court-ordered visits.

o All staff is required to wear N-95 or KN-95 masks inside all correctional facilities.
o All incarcerated people are required to wear their masks when outside their cell.
o All incarcerated people going to court are required to wear an N-95 or KN-95 mask.
o All in-person programs have been canceled until further notice.
o No in-person meetings or large gatherings (except emergencies).
o Newly arrived incarcerated people will be quarantined per CDC guidelines. This will be

to ensure none of the incarcerated people have developed symptoms of Covid-19.
o In the event an incarcerated person shows signs of Covid-19, the Correctional Staff will

collaborate with Correctional Health Services to implement a quarantine plan for that

housing area as deemed necessary.
o If you have the following symptoms, please refrain from entering the correctional

lobbies. Fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and shortness of breath and please contact

your medical provider.
o The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office will continue to collaborate with the San Mateo

County Correctional Health Services to ensure our employees and the incarcerated

people are provided the most up-to-date information and protection from Covid-19. o Incarcerated people will attend video court inside their housing units except for those

who are required to attend in person.
o All correctional staff are required to take COVID tests once per week. All arrestees will

be screened outside of the facility. This will consist of a pre-booking questionnaire and

PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER • DETECTIVE JAVIER ACOSTA • 650-363-4800 • PIO@SMCGOV.ORG 400 COUNTY CENTER • REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063 • 650-421-1243 • https://www.smcsheriff.com

an intensive medical screening. If an arrestee is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 and is medically cleared, they will be isolated.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.

Written by: Detective Javier Acosta Release Date: 01/06/2022

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One response to “Judge Leland Davis III, Court Excetuive Officer Neil Taniguchi, might want to get on same page with Sheriff Bolanos.

  1. Alan Wald

    San Mateo County Court’s recent decision to discontinue remote access by the public has moved from groundless to unconscionable.

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