ABC News Dan Noyes, uncovers $10M PPE left outside unprotected by San Mateo County.

By Michael G. Stogner

Excellent reporting by Dan Noyes, How many San Mateo County Officials and Employees knew about this and did nothing about it. Hopefully some of it can be saved. How did Dan Noyes get access to walk around and video all of the damaged boxes. I’m glad he did, it demonstrates a lack or Security by SMC. Also a big Thank You to the person who reported this. This was not a Mistake.

SMC County Manager Mike Callagy

The County Manager’s Office is responsible for the efficient day-to-day operations of San Mateo County’s government and carries out the vision and policies set by the Board of Supervisors.

Here is Dan Noyes Report and Video.

ABC News


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2 responses to “ABC News Dan Noyes, uncovers $10M PPE left outside unprotected by San Mateo County.

  1. Paul K Swanson

    Just saw another great report by Dan Noyes. But why is a Sonoma non profit ” wine country marines” investigating San Mateo Convention Center PPE?

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