SMC $10M + PPE Investigator is Dr. Jim Lianides

By Michael G. Stogner

Whenever Government gets caught it’s not uncommon to immediately launch an Investigation to assure the Taxpayers, that this was a Mistake, We don’t know how it happened, and we will Investigate Ourselves and produce a report in the future to make sure nobody is held responsible.

A suggestion for Dr. Jim Lianides, is to ask San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy,

“Did you order the PPE moved outside the building at San Mateo County Event Center?”

Question for Dana Stoehr “Who ordered the PPE moved outside the building?”

These two questions should take about 4 minutes to ask and get responses.

That is really the question San Mateo County Residents want answered.

I received the e-mail below yesterday at 10:39 AM from Mike Callagy

Good morning Mr. Stogner,

On January 20, 2022, the County hired Dr. Jim Lianides to conduct the investigation. The County was searching for a neutral and experienced person who has run a government organization at the highest level and who understands government finance, purchasing, internal controls, employment and systems. Mr. Lianides has over 40 years of public sector experience, most recently as the (ret.) Superintendent of the Sequoia Union High School District. 

The scope of the investigation is to review the County’s existing practices and what transpired with respect to the handling, tracking and safeguarding of the equipment; to research best practices for government agency handling, tracking and safeguarding of similar equipment, particularly in a contingency setting; and to make recommendations for handling, tracking and safeguarding of such equipment in the future.

Best regards,


You’ll see from the description above the SCOPE of this work does not include Who Ordered it OUTSIDE. Also NO MENTION of the CONVOY of Recology Garbage Trucks and PPE in the last 2 months. Source Dan Noyes ABC 7

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