The Six Candidates for Supervisor are Silent on Mike Callagy and the More than $10M in PPE. Why?

By Michael G. Stogner

The right candidate has NOT surfaced yet, they have until March 16, 2022 to file.

San Mateo County Manager/Purchasing Agent/Clerk to the Board of Supervisors Mike Callagy is an At-Will Employee of the Supervisors. Everybody knows that.

Steven Booker, Noelia Corzo, Laura Parmer-Lohan, Virginia Chang Kiraly, Ray Mueller and Charles Stone, are all candidates for the District 2&3 Supervisor of San Mateo County in the June 7, 2022 election.

San Mateo County Government still has not made the January 25, 2022 Supervisor Meeting Public.

Of Interest is Agenda Item 12 watch the 4 Supervisors Violate their Oath.

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One response to “The Six Candidates for Supervisor are Silent on Mike Callagy and the More than $10M in PPE. Why?

  1. Dahlia

    They will NEVER throw one of there own or investigate one…not in San Mateo County.

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