Bolanos, Corpus, Kovach, James Brown PPE

By Michael G. Stogner

The two Candidates for Sheriff of San Mateo County and one Husband of a Candidate know James Brown really well.

You will recall James Brown the President of Wine Country Marines was given the PPE on or before 6:00 PM January 13, 2022. The Facebook page for WCM proves that. Also you will see photos of Candidate Sheriff Captain Christina Corpus and James Brown on that website.

Sheriff Captain Christina Corpus is married to Lt. John Kovach

Lieutenant John Kovach Homeland Security and the Emergency Services Bureau

San Mateo County Sheriff Homeland Security Division

If you click on the OES link you will see the SMCDEM that James Brown identified in the FB post.

Sheriff’s Office OES Link

Note: Lt. John Kovach retired sometime in January 2022, just last month. I’ve asked Sheriff Bolanos what date was his last day, No Response.

A reasonable person would think that all FOUR of the above named people would know who gave James Brown the PPE?

The Five Supervisors of San Mateo County know or should know, Who gave James Brown the PPE?

This is a simple fix, replace the FIVE SUPERVISORS with Honest Humans.

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