Dan Moss, Richard’s Father. Just posted e-mail to Caltrans.

Posted 13 hours ago.

An email sent to CalTrans from one of the solid people that searched for Richard

Dear Caltrans,

As an Environmental Activist and retired Rescue Diver I firmly support these barricades.

I have personally led diving searches for at least nine vehicles that ejected off the cliff between Location 5 and Location 8 both Northbound and Southbound.

Victims are rarely found, and even in instances where eyewitnesses and video placed vehicles in the water at exact locations, Sheriff’s Department searches have been inable to find them just 45 minutes later.

Those that exit the cliff at night do so into oblivion. The 200 ft cliff face is shear and blocks almost all light, which is minimal even on the roadbed. The water is treacherous and hosts thirty foot King Tides.

It is my understanding there are nine meters of sediment before bedrock in some places here and ten tons of sand move a night.

There may be an optical illusion for Southbound vehicles caused by crossing overhead wires at location 6 causing drivers have loss of visual horizon believing the road continues into space.

Many drivers lose cell service between North end of Lantos tunnels and location 5 at which point they receive a distracting burst of text messages.

It is my understanding that in the early 1970s Coast Guard Chinook helicopters removed tens of vehicles out of the water at this location.

I strongly suspect vehicles disappeared here regularly before cellphone coverage triangulated entry and exit points on Hwy 1 and it appeared to relatives that missing drivers heading from SF to LA simply vanished forever.

Please build this barrier. At one Emergency Services meeting that discussed this issue, a drive exited forty five minutes later.

Please build this barrier. Please use corrosion resistant materials like stainless or composite rebar as the salt spray on the road is daily.

The families of the victims unilaterally support this barrier, and yes, I speak for many, many of them. Everyone on the Coast knows someone who has died here.

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