Shoshana and Andrew Diengott are in Court today.

By Michael G. Stogner

You will recall Shoshana was in Criminal Court yesterday for 3 cases 21SM008281A, 21SM014282A, 21SM008574A, against her for Violating a Restraining Order. Today she is in Family Court at 1:30 PM Courtroom 6A 20FAM02358, It’s fair to say that the three Criminal Charges are directly connected to the Family Matter.

Yesterday I said her Criminal Case is very exciting for several reasons, Not everybody who violates a Restraining Order in San Mateo County gets charged with a crime. I’ll give David Bohannon as a perfect example, in 2016 he was arrested for that crime but never charged.

Menlo Park police spokesperson Nicole Acker said Mr. Bohannon allegedly texted and emailed the victim on Monday, Oct. 17, and the victim then reported the actions to the police.
Mr. Bohannon was then cited and released from jail. That was in 2016.

I’m pretty sure those are the same violations that Shoshana Friedman Diengott is currently charged with.

Yesterday Shoshana spent several hours outside the courtroom discussing a plea deal being offered by the District Attorney’s Office. She chose NOT to accept it, and is looking forward to a Jury Trial of her peers and the Witness List is going to be very interesting.

Shoshana is the mother of two children. She has not been with them for a long time.

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