SMDJ NO Mention of Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez

By Michael G. Stogner

This was one of the main reasons I started San Mateo County in the first place.

This article Published by Jerry Lee and Jon Mays doesn’t show a reporter, and I can tell you there was nobody from SMDJ in the Courtroom 2B yesterday covering the Dionicio R. Lopez Sentencing Hearing on cases SC076512-A and SC082939-A. I was the only reporter attending which is par for the course in San Mateo County.

This is a perfect example of the Modern Day Media, “Those Who Matter” and Yesterdays News by Tomorrow that District Attorney James P. Fox R.I.P. and Deputy Chief District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe typed about in their April 25, 2007 e-mails to then Sheriff Greg Munks and Undersheriff Carlos G. Bolanos.

San Mateo County jail inmate who acquired illegal goods sentenced

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    • Linkedin Dionicio Lopez Dionicio Lopez A jail inmate who conspired with two San Mateo County correctional officers in 2013 to acquire cellphones and drugs for use over several months has received three years probation, the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office said Friday. Dionicio Lopez, a known gang member, was given two cellphones and Oxy Contin for several months and was allowed to use the cellphones openly in the county jail, the DA’s Office said. The incidents occurred from April to December of 2013. He received credit for a year of jail 

November 2014 LATIMES


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3 responses to “SMDJ NO Mention of Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez

  1. Tim Ryan

    Dude you should stick to being a gadfly because I read some of your “reports” and damned if I ever understand any of them. And I am a journalist.

    • Tim, good to here from you again, You should read the article a little slower. You are a journalist, and what the article is saying is Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez was arrested in 2014 for Smuggling Cellphones and Drugs to a Hells Angel Gang Member who at the time was an inmate in the Maquire Correctional Facility also known as the Redwood City Jail. That is where Deputy Lopez was working. As the Journalist that you so proudly claim to be, you might be concerned that Deputy Lopez was Falsely charged. I don’t recall you reporting about that FACT, and I don’t recall ever seeing you attend any of Deputy Lopez’s Hearings in the over 7 years he has been criminally charged. Hope to see you attend next Wednesday.

      • Donny

        Hey well if we are talking about FACTS then you have this partly FALSE Dionicio lopez aka ME Was never convicted or admitted to being a gang member despite the efforts of SMC to charge me with that , former hells angel member , jail inmate, local 3 operating engineer, proud father, son , brother , yes, but gang member NO. Write about the FACTS , not YOUR OPINION !

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