San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, and the PPE.

By Michael G. Stogner

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

It’s been 40 days since ABC 7 Investigative Reporter Dan Noyes reported about the more than $10,000,000.00 of P.P.E. left outside the San Mateo County Event Center unprotected and the Convoy of Recology Garbage Trucks full of P.P.E. 2 months prior. To this day the identity of the person who gave the P.P.E. to James Brown remains a mystery. WHY?

SMCSO Organizational Chart Click on each department to see who is in charge.

SMCSO Homeland Security & OES

Area Office of Emergency Services and the Emergency Services Bureau.

Click on the OES link to find the DEM that James Brown said gave the Wine Country Marines the PPE on January 13, 2022.

Department of Emergency Management 

The Department of Emergency Management (DEM) coordinates countywide preparedness, response and protection services and activities for large-scale incidents and disasters.

DEM is responsible for alerting and notifying appropriate agencies within the county’s 20 cities when disaster strikes; coordinating all agencies that respond; ensuring resources are available and mobilized in times of disaster; developing plans and procedures in response to and recovery from disasters; and developing and providing preparedness materials for our residents

San Mateo County Sheriff Lt. John Kovach Retired January 2022 Why?

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  1. Anon

    Maybe look to Dan Belville who is buddies with County Manager Callagy?

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