“Worst kept secret in San Mateo County”

By Michael G. Stogner

Former Broadmoor Police Officer and Taxpayer Steve Landi

Video by SacBee

“I made notifications to the County Supervisors on their website”.

That would be the San Mateo County Whistleblower website.

How did that work out San Mateo County?


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3 responses to ““Worst kept secret in San Mateo County”

  1. Tim Ryan

    “Notifications” is lower case mid sentence. The possessive form of the the word is “their”. Plus, please make sense.

  2. Cid Young

    The worst kept secret is that there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY at all in the County. I have never seen anyone fired for malfeasance. From the Brothel- going Munks & Bolanos in the Las Vegas FBI Sting Operation, to the person responsible at the SMC Event Center who left Millions of Dollars worth of PPE out in the Rain.

  3. Cid Young

    Typo: Fired not Hired

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