Judyrecords.com in the News, Thank You

By Michael G. Stogner

If you have ever reported or tried to report a dishonest Attorney or Judge in California you have no doubt been in contact with the State Bar of California. If you ever just wanted to check on the record of an Attorney of Judge to see if anyone else has ever filed a complaint good luck with that.

Judyrecords has made that information available to the public and look how quick the State Bar acted.

About judyrecords

judyrecords is a 100% free nationwide search engine that lets you instantly search hundreds of millions of United States court cases and lawsuits. judyrecords has over 100x more cases than Google Scholar and 10x more cases than PACER, the official case management system of the United States federal judiciary.As of Dec 2021, judyrecords now features free full-text search of all United States patents from 1/1/1976 to 11/10/2021 — over 7.9 million patents in total.

Original Note: judyrecords was recently mentioned in this press release (2/26), which was found after this article was published. After seeing this, CA State Bar disciplinary records have already been removed from the index, including those intended to have been published as well.These records were all (confidential & non-confidential) previously publicly available at https://discipline.calbar.ca.gov (now offline). Additionally, I reached out directly to the email in the press release to address the issue and offered to help as appropriate. After checking, I have neither been attempted to be contacted directly or indirectly about this matter yet, although issue was mentioned as being discovered on the 24th. It’s possible efforts to contact have been made, but I haven’t seen any yet.Update (2/26 11:50PM CT): I also contacted web host to inform them of the issue and ask about if/what time they have received any communication about this issue.Update (2/27 1:22AM CT): Web host responded that after verification, no such issues have been reported.Update (2/27 11:30AM CT): CA State Bar updated their press release to indicate the removal of the records as noted above. Update (2/27 4:45PM CT): CA State Bar has reached out in writing to discuss the issue.Update (2/27 11:05PM CT): Accepted an invite to discuss the issue. Tentatively, the number of affected cases is less than 1,000.

Today’s LATIMES Article

Private State Bar records are posted online
The organization says it is investigating how thousands of attorney discipline documents showed up on website.
By Alejandra Reyes-Velarde
The State Bar of California is investigating a data breach after learning that a website published confidential information about 260,000 attorney discipline cases in California and other jurisdictions.
State Bar officials learned about the posted records on Feb. 24.
As of Saturday night, all the confidential information that had been published on the website judyrecords.com — which included case numbers, file dates, information about the types of cases and their statuses, respondent and complaining witnesses names — had been removed, officials said.
“We apologize to anyone who is affected by the website’s unlawful display of nonpublic data,” State Bar Executive Director Leah Wilson said in a statement. “We take our obligations to protect confidential data with the utmost seriousness, and we are doing everything we can to ensure that we resolve this issue quickly and prevent any such breaches from recurring.”
Full case records were not published. Officials said they don’t know whether the published information was the result of a hacking incident. Judyrecords.com is a website that aggregates nationwide court case records.
The State Bar website allows the public to search for case information, but the information on the discipline cases posted by judyrecords .com is not supposed to be available to the public.
That information was stored in the State Bar’s Odyssey case management system, which is provided by vendor Tyler Technologies.
In accordance with the California Business and Professions Code, disciplinary investigations are confidential until formal charges are filed.
As a result of the data breach, the State Bar notified law enforcement and hired a team of information technology forensics experts to investigate. Tyler Technologies is assisting in the investigation.

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