David Khan of Daly City vs. DDA Brian Donnellan in Court Today.

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: March 4, 2022 12:45 PM DDA Brian Donnellan requested a Continuance stating that the arresting officer DCPD Detective Jose Ortega was not available due to Active Duty. It was only 4 days ago that Judge Elizabeth Hill set todays date. When was the last date DDA Donnellan had contact with his main witness?

03/04/2022 Trial Readiness Conference 8:30AM Courtroom 2B

This is a case to watch

NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION TO COMPEL DISCOVERY I can’t tell you how many times I have seen and heard the prosecutors in San Mateo County look straight at a judge and say they have already turned over all of the Discovery Evidence to the Defense when that is not the truth.

Why would David Khan continue to ask for it if he already received it, why would the PDP attorney that he dismissed make a statement that she received it and turned it over to Mr. Khan.

Why wouldn’t they simply give him another copy, if they already gave his attorney the evidence?

Fair and Level Playing Field, Right? Justice for All, Just tell the truth.

David Khan is representing himself in Court this morning, the charges against him are serious, he was appointed a Private Defender Attorney against his will, and he fought to dismiss her. He has remained consistent for the last 2 years. He has requested all of his personal property, Cash, Gold, MBZ, Guns, that the Daly City Police Department has taken from him.

Last week he was in Court making the same request with an additional item. He requested the District Attorney’s Office to provide him with the Discovery Evidence they have against him. Now you would think the prosecutors would have already done that right? His trial starts today,

Daly City Resident David Khan in Court 2/28/2022
By Michael Stogner
Case number 21NF002249A 10:00 AM Courtroom 2A Time 10:00 AM
David Khan has been trying to get his property back and be able to bail out since he was arrested.
01/06/2022 Non-case party present: Comment Justin Goodwin as advisory counsel to defendant
01/06/2022 Arguments presented. Evidence submitted to court for ruling.
01/06/2022 Motion denied. Comment Moving party: Defense Motion title: Motion for return of property
01/06/2022 Motion Comment Bail motion
02/03/2022 Motion for Return of Property filed Comment REQUEST TO RETURN PROPERTY
02/03/2022 Motion to Compel filed Comment NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION TO COMPEL DISCOVERY
02/28/2022 Motion to Compel Judicial Officer Hill, Elizabeth M. Hearing Time10:00 AM Comment+Motion to dismiss+Request for return of property

03/04/2022 Trial Readiness Conference 8:30AM Courtroom 2B

Judicial Officer Honorable Judge Hill, Elizabeth M.

I must say that on February 28, 2022 Hon. Judge Elizabeth Hill treated David Khan with respect and patience and listened to everything he had to say that morning.

Even DDA Brian Donnelan suggested the Judge consider mental considerations, she would not. He knows what is about to happen to Mr. Khan.

For anyone who thinks representing yourself in court especially a criminal court means you don’t understand the system.

I have observed DDA Brian Donnelan is action before and I look forward to the David Khan case.

My Video report on a DDA Donnelan case

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