Thank You U.S. Vets going to help Ukraine.

By Michael G. Stogner

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One response to “Thank You U.S. Vets going to help Ukraine.

  1. First off, thank you for your reporting on so many important county, and beyond, issues. I read almost all your post and really appreciate what you do. In light of your excellent reporting I don’t understand how you could be so poorly informed about Ukraine. You don’t accept the propaganda that Carlos G Bolanos puts out but you accept state department propaganda a face value?
    I’m attaching links to two videos that you can watch on Youtube. The first is a 90 min. documentary produced by Oliver Stone. It provides a concise overview of the history of the current conflict. The second is a live stream that was sent from Kharkiv Ukraine I believe Friday the 4th, maybe Saturday the 5th of March. The second video came from a gentleman named Gonzalo Lira. He is a US/Chilean citizen who has been living in Ukraine for around 10 years I believe, he has a Ukrainian wife and two Ukrainian children.
    Please avail yourself of this information. This isn’t the stuff you get out of the state department. The same state department that lied us into a war in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

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