Did SMCDA DDA Kimberly Perroti commit Perjury?

By Michael G. Stogner

Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez was Falsely Charged in 2014.

People vs. Juan Pablo Lopez case NF433910A

It only matters if you get charged.

Last week in Courtroom 2G the Hon. Judge Joseph Scott was hearing the Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez 7+ year criminal case that has never been to Jury trial yet when DDA Kimberly Perroti proudly announced that she personally contacted the prosecutor in Santa Clara County who was on a serious criminal case and the Defense Attorney was Erica Elizabeth Treeby who is Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez’s co-counsel. She announced that she has confirmed that the SCC case will be DARK (meaning not in session) on Thursday March 17, 2022 so there should be no reason Attorney Treeby could not attend Judge Scott’s court on that day.

There are so many things wrong about DDA Perrotti behavior but lets just focus on this one point. That information that the Hon. Judge Scott relied on was FALSE.

Next court date is Friday March 18, 2022, NOT Thursday

San Mateo County News.com 3/10/2022 Article

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