NF433910-A, 9:00 AM 2G Hon. Judge Joseph Scott NO ZOOM.

Update: April 7, 2022 10:00 AM, Next Court date is June 24, 2022 9:00 AM

July 25, 2022 set for Trial

By Michael G. Stogner

Hon. Judge Joseph Scott

I have been reporting on this case for more than SEVEN years know. I have described it as the Most Exciting Criminal Case I have ever observed. It is the BEST single example of Organized Crime and Corruption in San Mateo County Government that I have ever witnessed.

Notice the case number NF433910-A there is not a two digit number at the front. Those two digits tell you what YEAR this case started. For example San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan Pablo Lopez’s criminal case started in 2014 so you would expect to see a 14 in front of NF433910-A. If the 14 was there that would make a reasonable person to ask, Why has this Criminal Case NOT gone to Jury Trial in more than SEVEN years. How much Taxpayer money has the Government Invested in this case and What was the Money Spent On? Look at $ spent to make sure Witnesses Never take the stand.

This would be a Prefect case for Supervisor David Canepa and Candidate for Congress 2022 to attend. I’m sure he would be interested in Eliminating Corruption in San Mateo County.

SMC Supervisor David Canepa
Juan P. Lopez

Juan Pablo Lopez has always wanted the same thing, a Jury Trail of his peers and the Public able to see/hear the proceedings. Hon Judge Joseph Scott is NOT allowing that to happen during a Pandemic. He is demanding NO ZOOM available to the PUBLIC.

Welcome to San Mateo County

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