San Mateo County PPE Scandal.

By Michael G. Stogner

Photo taken in November 2021

The Five Supervisors of San Mateo County don’t want the residents/voters to know the Truth about the More than $10M of PPE purchased with Federal Grants FEMA according to James Brown President of the Wine Country Marines of Sonoma.

On January 13, 2022 Mike Callagy County Manager and Supervisor David Canepa, Candidate for Congress, both high ranking San Mateo County Government Officials told ABC 7 News Investigative Reporter/Journalist Dan Noyes who broke the story that they didn’t know anything about the More than $10,000,000.00 of PPE that was moved out of the SMC Event Center. They both were QUICK to identify this as a MISTAKE, and they had NO Idea how this happened, “They were calling in the Marines” and an Independent Investigation was going to be ordered to make sure this never happened again. Notice the Investigation was not meant to identify How many San Mateo County Employees knew about this and for how long.

Here is one of Mike Callagy’s employees who knew in September: Iliana Rodriguez,

I offer these 2 e-mails as a start, this is getting close to answer the question, Who Ordered the More than $10M of PPE to be moved from the secure and protected building at San Mateo County Event Center in September 2021?

Iliana Rodriquez works for Mike Callagy

Iliana Rodriquez Deputy County Executive

From: Steve Perich Sent: Monday, September 27, 2021 3:49 PM To: Iliana Rodriguez Cc: Dana Stoehr; Avinesh Pal

Subject: PPE Update
Hi Iliana,
As you probably are aware, all PPE has been moved out of Fiesta Hall and is currently stored in a fenced area between Gates 9 & 10.
The Red Cross was only able to take the 10 adjustable hospital beds (MASH type). Their storage area was not large enough to accommodate the remaining five bariatric beds nor the five “home style” hospital beds, all of which are in the outdoor storage area.
The plan is to move as much as possible into Sequoia Hall after the SaaStr Conference, to protect it from the elements. The would require the County to rent Sequoia Hall as it would be filled with PPE.
The following items would be relocated first. If any space remains, we will move the most useful of the remaining into Sequoia. Masks Gloves Beds
All remaining FMS items and empty containers Bleach
Please let me know if you are in agreement with the above.

Thanks, Steve

Next day September 28, 2022 e-mail confirms 5 people knew about it

Jas Sandar Linked in page

From: Iliana Rodriguez Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2021 7:59 AM PDTTo: Steve Perich sperich@smcec.coCC: Dana Stoehr; Avinesh Pal; Jas Sandhar Subject: RE: PPE Update
Hi Steve, I am in agreement.

Thank you much for all your help. Iliana

Iliana Rodriguez Deputy County Manager County Manager’s Office400 County Center, 1st Floor Redwood City, CA 94063 Phone l 650-363-4130Email l

Why didn’t Scott Johnson, Iliana Rodriquez, Jas Sandhar, Dana Stoerh, Steve Perch, Avinesh Pal, come forward on January 13, 2022 and simply tell the truth?

April 19, 2022 BOS Meeting Agenda Item 12: Update Surplus Safety Equipment aka $10,000,000+ PPE at San Mateo County Event Center. The Government provided this Press Release about the meeting.

County of San Mateo Board Meeting Update: April 19, 2022


  • San Mateo County <>To:michaelgstogner@yahoo.comTue, Apr 19 at 2:09 PMActions from today’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting.county of san mateo newsThe San Mateo County Board of Supervisors met via videoconference April 19, 2022. Below are the results of selected items on the agenda: HOUSING
    • Adopt a resolution authorizing the County Executive, or Director of Department of Housing as designee, to execute a Memorandum of Understanding between the County of San Mateo and the City of East Palo Alto for due diligence activities regarding a potential real property exchange.
    The Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to adopt the resolution. See Regular Agenda, Item No. 7, for more information. SHERIFF
    • Introduction of an uncodified ordinance approving a Military Equipment Use Policy for the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and waive the reading of the ordinance in its entirety.
    The Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to approve the introduction of an uncodified ordinance with Supervisor Warren Slocum dissenting. See Regular Agenda, Item No. 8, for more information.TREASURER
    • Adopt a resolution approving the amended 2022 San Mateo County Investment Policy Statement.
    The Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to adopt the resolution with Supervisor David Canepa dissenting. See Regular Agenda, Item No. 9, for more information.BOARD OF SUPERVISORS
    • Introduction of an ordinance amending section 3.53.030 of the San Mateo County Ordinance Code to add an exception to the prohibition on firearm possession on County Property, permitting a person to possess a firearm for the purpose of immediately turning in that firearm to the San Mateo County Sheriff or any person or persons designated by the Sheriff at a County-sanctioned firearm buyback event taking place on that County Property, and waive the reading of the ordinance in its entirety
    The Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to approve the introduction of an ordinance. See Regular Agenda, Item No. 11, for more information.HOUSING
    • Adopt a resolution:
    • A) Approving and adopting a form resolution from the State Department of Housing and Community Development, authorizing the County’s application to the Homekey Program for funding in a total amount not to exceed $22,074,495 to cover capital and operating expenses for a 53-unit hotel in the City of San Mateo (“Project”); and
    • B) Authorizing an allocation of up to $10,396,410 in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds, or other funds as determined by the County Executive, as a match of local funds from the County required by the Homekey Program, in the event the County’s application for funds from the Homekey Program for the Project is approved.
    The Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to adopt the resolution. See Consent Agenda, Item No. 32, for more information.
    •  Measure K: Adopt a resolution:
    • A) Authorizing and directing the Director of the Department of Housing, or designee, to execute an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Alta Housing Corporation (“Alta”) to afford the parties sufficient time to negotiate the terms of a Ground Lease Agreement and all documents evidencing and securing a predevelopment loan related to the operation and management of a permanent affordable housing development for homeless individuals and households/families or those who are at risk of homelessness (“project”) on County property located at 1818 EL Camino Real in Redwood City; and
    • B) Authorizing and directing the Director of the Department of Housing, or designee, in consultation with County Attorney, to negotiate and execute a Ground Lease Agreement and all documents evidencing and securing a predevelopment loan, in a total amount not to exceed $1,500,000 in Measure K funds, with Alta housing corporation, to cover costs associated with the operation and management of the subject property; and
    • C) Authorizing the Director of the Department of Housing, or designee, to execute contract amendments, which modify the County’s maximum fiscal obligation by no more than $25,000 (in aggregate).
    The Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to adopt the resolution. See Consent Agenda, Item No. 33, for more information.Videos are generally made available the same day as the board meeting unless delayed due to technical issues.

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Filed under "This is a San Mateo County Issue." Canepa,, $10M PPE left outside San Mateo County, $23.5 Million PPE according to Mike Callagy, 98% of the PPE is Useable and Undamaged, a concern expressed by FEMA in May 2020, A gang is a group or society of associates,, Alex Tourk Ground Floor Public Affairs, Avinesh Pal, “It’s corruption at its finest.”, “You don’t want to be investigating your own agency.", “[t]he unlawful activities of […] a highly organized, disciplined association., Bay Area Transparency, Board of Supervisors President Don Horsley, California Attorney General Rob Bonta, Chris Hunter, Clerk to SMC BOS Mike Callagy, convoy of garbage trucks filled up with brand new PPE, Corruption and Organized Crime in San Mateo County., County of San Mateo Whistleblower Program, David Burruto, David Canepa quote: "I don't think it's a San Mateo County Issue.", Department of Justice DOJ, FEMA, FEMA FUNDING, Global SaaS founders, executives and venture capitalists, Homeland Security Division Sheriff's Office, I don't need to be invited, I'm a Tax Payer, I-Team "Blatant Lie" from San Mateo County Government, In my professional opinion, it is a total loss, Independent Investigation vs. Process Review, Inspection of Damaged PPE at event center, James Brown CEO - West Coast Security, San Carlos, James Brown mentioned "Money Laundering", James Brown of the Wine Country Marines, Jas Sandhar SMC, Kevin Mullin, Michael G. Stogner,, Nobody is above the Law except "Those Who Matter", only the outer card board was damaged in many cases. Also there was quite a bit stored indoors., PPE (Personal Protective Equipement, Public Corruption, ret. Sheriff Lt. John Kovach, SAL Embezzlement & Laundering Investigation, SamTrans Fraud Investigation, San Mateo County Chief Financial Officer Roberto Manchia, San Mateo County Department of Emergency Management, San Mateo County Government has NO Oversight., San Mateo County Investigating Itself., San Mateo County Money Laundering, San Mateo County, Scott Johnson Deputy Director of Risk Management San Mateo County., Scott Johnson Logistics Section Chief Risk Manager, County of San Mateo, SMC Assistant County Executive Peggy Jensen, SMCC Attorney John D. Nibbelin, Steve Perich, The Auditor, Those Who Matter, Travis Kusman Director, Emergency Medical Services, Travis Kusman Senior Consulting Partner SciMed Partners Inc., Travis Kuzman Director, Emergency Medical Services, When government is the enemy, Who gave the PPE to James Brown???, Who Knew, What, When?

One response to “San Mateo County PPE Scandal.

  1. Mark DePaula

    The reason for the silence in my opinion, less we the public know the better in their minds. Before I took those images after Dan Noyes did the story the powers of be at the Fairgrounds told me I was not allowed to see the PPE.
    Only when I said contact the County officials, shortly after that I was only allowed in the staging area and not the holding area. All employees were told not to talk to me. When I asked one employee about the PPE , his response and tone was that of a person trying to hide information.

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