10 San Mateo County Employees who knew about the PPE on January 11, 2022

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County Government Change a few words and problem solved. $10M PPE Scandal

Supervisor and Candidate for Congress David Canepa and Kevin Mullin who is also running for Congress. Take care of San Mateo County Business first.

San Mateo County Executive Officer Mike Callagy works for the 5 Supervisors, he is your at will employee.

San Mateo County News.com has 2 E-mails dated January 11, 2022 that show:

10 San Mateo County Employees who knew about the PPE on January 11, 2022

Roberto Manchia, John Nibbelin, Michael Callagy, Peggy Jensen, Justin Mates, Michelle Durand, Daniel Belville, Iliana Rodriquez, Scott Johnson, Kim-Anh Le

On January 13, 2022 two days later the San Mateo County Government lied to the public telling ABC 7 News Investigative Reporter Dan Noyes the County only learned about it because of Mr. Noyes contacting them.

Here are a couple of changes the Government made the next day January 14, 2022
. Changed the first sentence to remove “the County learned” as to not reinforce the idea we knew nothing . Clarified that the investigation is by an external person
. Removed reference to FEMA and changed value to app. $7M

November 10, 2021 San Mateo County Risk Manager Scott Johnson stated in letter he sent to Kim-Anh Le “in my professional opinion, it is a total loss.” he’s talking about the PPE moved outside at the San Mateo County Event Center in September 2021.

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