How is SMC Manager Mike Callagy still employed? “We appreciate it being brought to our attention.”

Michael G. Stogner

The 760,000 residents of San Mateo County might have first starting hearing about the more than $10M of PPE and the Convoy of Garbage Trucks filled with PPE leaving the San Mateo County Event Center in November or December of 2021. The Breaking News Story was brought to you by ABC7 News Investigative Reporter Dan Noyes on January 13, 2022 it aired at 6:12 PM.

The simple question I have had since first hearing about this PPE Scandal is, How is Mike Callagy still employed by the FIVE Supervisors of San Mateo County. Why was he not placed on Administrative Leave on January 13, 2022?

Notice the DATE of this e-mail, it is BEFORE Mike Callagy had any knowledge according to what he told Dan Noyes.

From: Michael Callagy <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2022 9:58 PM
To: Peggy Jensen; Scott Johnson; Michelle Durand; John Nibbelin; Roberto Manchia; Justin Mates; Daniel Belville; lliana Rodriguez

Subject: Re: PPE loss documentation

Peggy yes you are correct as that is the approach | was going to take on the purchase. | think Dana and her staff will start the clean up tomorrow as it appears it is all individually packaged. It will need to be wiped down, but every package | opened was dry on the inside. The process of getting it indoors will take through Friday. There is a ton there. It would be great if we got a definitive answer from the VA on their desire to take lots of the PPE. Almost all of the gowns expire May 2, 2022. The approach I’m taking is this is surplus, (goggles, buckets, face shields, odd sized gowns, bleach) not hospital grade that we moved outside as we were trying to give it away. We made a mistake not moving it back inside, but with all that was going on with our focus on boosters and then Omicron and testing, it got lost in the process. We appreciate it being called to our attention and we are looking for a home for the items. Our medical grade gloves, gowns, mask, etc. are secured and occupying almost 7000 sq feet of space. We have distributed a great deal of PPE to local medical facilities (| will need to know where) and have enough PPE to last several years.


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