Candidate for Congress David Canepa knew about Munir Edais Very Supicious Death in Daly City.

By Michael G. Stogner

Munir Edais Very Suspicious Death was in January 2020 that was 28 months ago.

Did he ever tell the many News Media he has connections with about this Daly City residents death? Nope, did he ever Tweet about it? Here is a tweet from today:

In case you missed David Canepa‘s Tweet

We need a strong and bold leader in Washington DC to challenge the status quo and the special interests that make huge profits while the middle class continues to erode.

I couldn’t help but think that David Canepa was talking about Candidate for Congress Emily Beach. The obvious is she is a woman and the second thing going for her is she is a VET.

Candidate for Congress David Canepa used to be the Mayor of Daly City, has he ever signed this Petition with close to 30,000 signatures. Has he ever made a Public Comment about a young Police Officer and Father of two daughters dying unexpectedly in Daly City under Extremely Suspicious Circumstances. The same question goes for Kevin Mullin another Candidate for Congress pretending he stand for the average resident of San Mateo County.

Kevin Mullin Candidate for Congress 2022

I invite both David Canepa and Kevin Mullin to sign this Petition if they haven’t already.


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