Robert Faucrault and David Silberman WHY?

By Michael G. Stogner

Why in the world would San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault and San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman be Hell Bent on NOT PROVIDING the Reports from the Coroners Office to the PARENTS of 32 year old Munir Edais, a father of two girls, a Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Officer, a Daly City Resident, a San Mateo County Resident his entire life, who was in excellent health, who died sometime between January 19, 2020 and January 21, 2020 in his apartment in Daly City. That’s 28 months ago.

How much money has San Mateo County Tax Payers Investigated in Defending Coroner Robert Foucrault for his personal decision to not provide these documents to the parents. Why do the 5 Supervisors of San Mateo County think this is a good investment of the Taxpayers Money.

What is David Silberman’s interest in the case?

Why would San Mateo County Residents keep voting for this guy. I stopped after I learned about Robert Foucralt keeping Nicholas Picon’s Heart, and NOT informing his mother in 2006.

Wake up San Mateo County Voters

I suggest you WRITE-IN Mark DePaula for Coroner of San Mateo County 2022

He would provide the Edais Family with the Reports his first day in office.

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