SMC Coroner Robert Foucralt, WHY?

By Michael G. Stogner

I recently became aware of the Suspicious Death of Munir Edais a healthy 32 year old Police Officer, Father of two girls, recently married and a lighting fast Investigation or lack of an Investigation by the Daly City Police Department on January 21, 2020 28 months ago.

I also became aware of a civil suit the Parents of Munir Edais were forced to file against Robert Foucrault and San Mateo County for the sole purpose of receiving the reports and photos/documents that the San Mateo County Coroner Office provides upon request in most cases.

For some unknown reason Robert Foucrault and San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman and Hon Judge Robert Foiles are obstructing that from happening.

Every San Mateo County Newspaper and elected official know the Robert Foucrault has a Nasty habit of keeping body parts and not informing the family. Nicholas Picon R.I.P. Robert Foucralt kept his heart.

As a parent who has lost an adult child, the idea that the Coroner would refuse to provide me the documents he has in his possession about my child’s death is Sickening. I support the Edais Family in getting these records.

Write-In Candidate for Coroner Mark DePaula who also just heard about this family’s fight for the records has stepped up and is an Official Candidate for Coroner of San Mateo County.

Mark De-Paula has stated he will provide the Edais Family these records the first day he is swore in.

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One response to “SMC Coroner Robert Foucralt, WHY?

  1. Rotundist

    Foucrault and Wagstaffe = corruption on the Vance Nilson murder case

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