Sheriff Activities League Director Steven Booker arrested by Belmont Police for DUI.

By Michael G. Stogner

Steven Booker photo from SAL Board of Directors

Steven Booker is also a Candidate for Supervisor of District Three

On May 28, 2022 at 2:00 AM the Belmont Police Department responded to a 911 call and ended up arresting Steven Booker, There was no mention of Mr. Booker refusing to take a breath test or blood test like SMC Sheriff Sergeant Lou Aquino did when he was arrested by RWCPD in 2019. Or Aldon Smith refusing both test when he was arrested (5th time) December 6, 2020 in Redwood City by the CHP. It looks like Steven Booker cooperated with the Police just like San Mateo County Superior Court Hon. Judge Joseph Scott did with the CHP when they arrested him for a DUI.

At this moment in time there are NO CHARGES filed by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office. Steven Booker didn’t injure anybody.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Activities League Board of Directors

As you might have noticed today is June 6, 2022 one day before the Election in San Mateo County. This is the only article San Mateo County has published on this topic. The Palo Alto Daily Post has published two Front Page articles about this IMPORTANT subject with photos of Mr. Booker a good sized Black Man with the title ARRESTED & DUI. I couldn’t help but notice how many of the San Mateo County Newspapers did the same.

I believe in a Level Playing Field, I personally know many people who have been arrested and even pled guilty to a DUI and have gone right back to work. Look no further than Judge Joseph Scott as a local example.

Lets compare an alleged DUI case with Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos being Caught and Detained by the FBI Inside a small house where he was either there to have sex with one or more of the Sex Slaves including a Minor or there to sell 3,500 Ecstasy Tablets for $25,000. Or Lets see how important the San Mateo County Sheriff Activities League which for some reason is a 501 C Embezzlement and Money Laundering Investigation was to the Voters of San Mateo County. They couldn’t care less.

I can’t imagine why a DUI would make one bit of difference to a San Mateo County Voter.

A photo of a Good Sized Blackman with Dreadlocks now that might make a difference.

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One response to “Sheriff Activities League Director Steven Booker arrested by Belmont Police for DUI.

  1. It sounds like San Mateo’s finest doesn’t like Steve Booker for some reason. That is why I’m voting for him. He couldn’t be any worse than what we currently have. And after all he is a big blackman with dreads. What could possibly go wrong?

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