San Mateo County 63,359 Ballots.

By Michael G. Stogner

Mark Church

Update June 10, 2022


Voters Cast: 75,776 of 433,539 (17.48%) Estimated number of ballots left to process as of June 9: 77,000. That means 152,776 qualified ballots have been returned to San Mateo County as of June 9, 2022. It also means there are more ballots to be counted today than was reported on June 7, 2022.

Elections and Ballot counting should be simple math easy to understand.

The Important number is always the same, How many ballots total were returned on time to the San Mateo County Elections Office for the June 7, 2022 Election.

Without this number being made public right from the beginning, the public will never have confidence in the results. A good example was the 2018 YES on W Measure by San Mateo County Neighbors for Congestion Relief. That measure lost every single reporting date right up until the last two and then it passed by a very small margin.

Mark Church is showing that number to be 63,359 out of the 433,539 registered voters.

IMHO one of the Most Exciting Elections Race if you could call it that this one.

So far 45,684 San Mateo County Voters voted for DDA Sharon Cho to be a JUDGE.

You will remember she was the Prosecutor of Zain Jaffer in 2017. He was arrested by the Hillsborough Police Department for Attempted Murder of his 3 year old son. HPD wore Body Worn Cameras. Everybody and their mothers know what happened to that case right?

When did the Hon. Judge Joseph Scott decide to Not run for Re-Election? Why did Hon. Judge Joseph Scott decide to Not run for Re-Election?

Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 4 (Vote for 1)

Vote CentersVote by MailTotal
Times Cast6,47856,88163,359 / 433,53914.61%
CandidatePartyVote CentersVote by MailTotal
SHARON CHO4,22841,45645,684100.00%

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