Judge Joseph Scott has the Bolanos Family Matter in Courtroom 2G at 9:00AM today.

By Michael G. Stogner

Hon. Judge Joseph Scott

19-FAM-02812 | Alberto A Bolanos vs. Suzanne Ramos Bolanos 

If Hon. Judge Joseph Scotts’ court clerk Katrina Bihl had not name dropped this case on a Open Public Access phone line that was left on instead of being muted as she declared under the penalty of Perjury to the court, I would have not heard about it. I was on that Public Access Phone Line July 27, 2021 for the Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez motion to continue that only lasted a few minutes. San Mateo County District Attorney Inspector Jordan Boyd got a copy of the phone records for that morning, it shows my phone number on that call 2 different times. Inspector Jordan Boyd never called me to ask what did I hear on that open phone line that morning? He has never bothered to ask me anything when we are both in the same courtroom for the Juan P. Lopez Criminal Case? The last time we were in the same courtroom was last Friday in Courtroom 2G 9:00AM.

This is what I call Selective Prosecution.

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