Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltbie please answer a couple of Questions.

By Michael G. Stogner

Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltbie

Audio Expert “Confirmed another voice in close proximity with Eman Edais

In other words the Audio Expert is saying there was at least one other person in the apartment with Eman Edais and can be heard on the 911 call at 1:59 AM where she claimed Munir Edais hung himself.

A reasonable person would want to know who was that person/s, what time did they get there etc?

I just have a couple of questions for Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltbie about her Police Departments Initial investigation into the Suspicious Death of 32 year old Munir Edais on January 21, 2020. At what date/time did her police officers obtain and listen to the 911 call that was placed to the San Mateo County 911 dispatch center at 1:59 AM.

What date/time did your police officers identify and interview the other person on the 911 call?

Who provided Eman Edais the wife with a copy of the 911 call?

Those are my questions for Shawnna Maltbie at this moment.

If you support a new Suspicious Death/Homicide Investigation please join the over 30,000 others who have signed the petition.

Please sign this Petition

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One response to “Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltbie please answer a couple of Questions.

  1. Mark De Paula

    Good questions, I hope they are answered.

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