Terrible Editing of Sandra L. Harmon Execution Video.

By Michael G. Stogner

Release the Axon Log Records

If I was going to Edit the VIDEO that was produced by San Mateo County Government and paid for by the Taxpayers of San Mateo County, I personally would have blurred out the frames showing the Execution of an Unarmed Sandra Lee Harmon with her Hands Up above her head and her back facing San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy David Dominguez who was firing at her from approximately 15 feet away.

Sandra Lee Harmon had THREE fatal shots to her BACK.

I might have added a cartoon depicting some sort of Shootout as the Government told the 760,000 Residents that is what happened. Remember the Shootout Story.

Warning this is a real Homicide by San Mateo County Law Enforcement, Not for everybody.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Video

Notice NO MENTION of firing at an Unarmed woman with her hands above her head.

Release the Axon Log Records today.

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