Three Cases to Watch in Court July 11, 2022 1:30PM

By Michael G. Stogner

All three cases are in Courtroom 2A at 1:30 PM

Former San Francisco 49er Aldon Smith, Pretrial Conference: charged w Felony DUI; reported his 5th DUI, remember this story was first reported by TMZ.

SF Police Sgt Davin Cole, Pretrial Conference: charged w armed robbery of a San Mateo Rite Aid.

Liana Felde, Pretrial Conference: charged w felony DUI manslaughter in a Hwy 1 collision S of HMB Jesse Schouboe 32 R.I.P. was killed in the crash.

San Mateo County Superior Court, before Judge Elizabeth Hill, Courtroom 2A.  

Zoom accessible: click Courtroom 2A to join:

San Mateo Superior Court Zoom Credentials (

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