Why would DDA Marie McLaughlin accept an award from Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos a known LIAR?

By Michael G. Stogner

Everybody and their mother has known or should have known as of April 21, 2007 that Carlos G. Bolanos is a LIAR.

Thanks to Investigative Reporter Dan Noyes we now know that both of these two and several others are responsible for the ABUSE of a Minister in Indiana by the name of Mark Racop who makes the 1966 Batmobile car.

Does anybody think it is bad optics for a Sheriff to be giving a DDA an award?

Have SMC Investigators ever lied to a Judge to get a Warrant. Yes of course they have.

Does San Mateo County District Attorney ever knowingly file false charges? Yes of course he does.

Who thinks this is really cool, the FIVE San Mateo County Supervisors, that’s who.

ABC 7 Reporter Dan Noyes January 29, 2022 story

GoFundMe for Justice for Batman

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