San Mateo County’s Batmobile Abuse of Authority Case.

By Michael G. Stogner

The big guy in the flannel shirt is SMCSO Lt. Michael Leishman FIRE HIM.

All it takes is the actions, such as these, to cause widespread mistrust of an office sworn to “serve and protect”.

The Police Reports should be UNSEALED. There are no protected parties involved (children) just 2 adult males. If the police report that started this entire criminal act by the San Mateo County Gang is false then the person who filed it should pay all costs associated with it. That includes the Law Suit that is sure to be on the way.

The San Mateo County Superior Court Judge who approved the Seizure of Assets should be identified. The documents filed to cause that action should be UNSEALED.

Mark Racop of Indiana should be allowed to appear by ZOOM for his August 19, 2022 court appearance.

Whenever San Mateo County Law Enforcement SEALS records that shouldn’t be sealed, that is a RED FLAG. Always go back to the beginning. What action started this event.

What the Hell is the matter with San Mateo County Residents WAKE UP.

Thank You Dan Noyes

I have to ask did any of 4 San Mateo County Sheriff employees order Pornography at the Hotel in Indiana during this very special Ops event. Everybody and their mother in SMC knows or should know about the very BRAVE female Sheriff Deputy who contacted me for help in early 2010 reporting the 45 Sheriff Employees watching PORN and a VIOLENT RAPE VIDEO on San Mateo County Computers while at work.

San Mateo County News.con article includes the Porn and Rape complaint.

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