San Mateo County Sheriff Activity League

By Michael G. Stogner

You will recall that San Mateo County was the first News & Information site to report the SAL Executive Director Barbara Bonilla was on Administrative Leave.

San Mateo County News Article Feb. 28, 2020

There was a Criminal Investigation of Embezzlement and Money Laundering that involved more people than just Barbara Bonilla.

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe recused his office because of the obvious Conflict of Interest. San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office took a different approach. San Mateo County Sheriff Lieutenant Michael Leishman was instrumental in the SO Investigating itself and steering the results to just one person, that was Barbara Bonilla.

Lt. Michael Leishman is back in the NEWS this last week, He led a small gang to Indiana to RAID a small business owner who makes the Batmobile. How many laws were broken and how many San Mateo County Employees were involved is this criminal act?

Lt. Michael Leishman is the Big Guy in the flannel shirt.

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One response to “San Mateo County Sheriff Activity League

  1. Mark DePaula

    Do the readers see a pattern in law enforcement (if you can call this justified law enforcement) or shall I say selected law enforcement by the SMC Sheriff’s Office ? These reported topics mentioned state how the highest law enforcement agency in San Mateo County have been exposed. Can we only imagine corruption that does not get exposed, let’s not forget retired SMC Deputy Sheriff Juan Lopez, his case still pending since 2014.

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