Andras Plank Criminal Case Dismissed, How much did SMC Taxpayers pay for that case?

By Michael G. Stogner

I’ve said this was a case to watch, and now that it was DISMISSED after 4 years in San Mateo County Criminal Court. I recommend this case be Audited to see if the Private Defender Program did what is expected of it.

This was a Vandalism charge, and for 4 years the Defendant Andras Plank had been requesting to see the Body Worn Camera Video evidence from the San Mateo Police Department. That BWC video was finally provided on 8/11/2022. Let me just say this, Body Worn Camera Video’s should be made available to the defendant as soon as a person is charged.

How much money did San Mateo County Taxpayers invest in both the Prosecution and the Defense in this case? Remember it was DISMISSED.

18-NM-014387-A | The People of the State of California vs. Andras Plank 

Case Number


File Date

Case Type

Case Status


Plaintiff (Participant)  
Wagstaffe, Stephen M., ESQ

Plaintiff (Participant)  
Duran, Lucille, ESQ

Plaintiff (Participant)  
Alexander, Nicholson

Plaintiff (Participant)  
Elizabeth, Maguire Marie, ESQ

Plaintiff (Participant)  
Liberman, Eric, ESQ

Plaintiff (Participant)  
Sherman, Scott, ESQ

Plaintiff (Participant)  
Haley, Nichole S., ESQ

Plank, Andras


Active Attorneys

Lead Attorney




Plank, Andras

001PC594(b)(1)-MISD-Vandalism $400 Or More594(b)(1)Misdemeanor07/08/2018

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