A Tradition of Service since 1856. The Question is Service to Who?

By Michael G. Stogner

Sheriff Bolanos hiding.

It’s not a crime for Carlos G. Bolanos to delete his Facebook page, and it’s not a crime to put it back up either. You want to avoid the appearance of GUILT. In a criminal case example this has the appearance of Evidence Tampering. That is a bad look for one of the most powerful Law Enforcement Officials in San Mateo County.

Who is the adult at San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office while Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos is hiding.

Whoever it is Get the Document to Mark Racop’s Bank in Indiana TODAY.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for Mark Racop’s Bank account to remain FROZEN. Let’s Fix This Today.

San Mateo County Sheriff Office

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Filed under #San Mateo County, ABC 7 "Blatant Lies" By San Mateo County Officials., ABC 7 I-Team Reporter Dan Noyes reported MORE than $10M of PPE and a CONVOY of GARBAGE TRUCKS on January 13, 2022 at 6PM., “[t]he unlawful activities of […] a highly organized, disciplined association., Board of Supervisors President Don Horsley, Corruption and Organized Crime in San Mateo County., Don Horsley “In an era where law enforcement is under such siege, this seems like this was not very well thought out,”, Don Horsley “What we’re trying to do — what we should be trying to do — is establish credibility with people, not do things that look like we’re doing favors. And that’s kind of, unfortuna, Don Horsley endorsed Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos for re-election 2022, Ed Wood, Fixin' San Mateo County, Gross Misconduct at the San Mateo County Sheriff Office, I-Team "Blatant Lie" from San Mateo County Government, Michael G. Stogner, Organized Crime, President of Board of Supervisors Don Horsley, San Mateo County News, San Mateo County News.com, San Mateo County News.org, San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos at the behest of one of his wealthiest campaign donors, Steve Lehto Podcast, The Jimmy Dore Show, Victim's Advocate

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